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Totally not an introduction

2009-06-24 03:40:54 by RelmM

Hello. ^^ I am relmM (previously known as Ashurasonic or Ashura on other sites). I am an artist who draws mostly fan art (from time to time I'll draw something original).

If you want to check all of my current artwork (good and bad, old and new), check out my DA: My Deviantart Page

The girl I attached below is named Kooh. She is a playable character in a golf MMORPG named "Pangya". I'll probably post more pictures of her as I update my journal. So yeah.. hope to have fun here!

Totally not an introduction


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2009-06-24 05:45:41

A very odd entrance picture.

RelmM responds:

how come?


2009-06-28 12:40:57

She needs moar Cat ears.

And possibly a tail.